Achiote Grill with Goat Cheese Sauce

Submitted by Carol Guynes

Carol writes: "Hi - I am very much enjoying the cookbook I just ordered from you (and for friends)! I picked up this recipe in New Mexico about 4 years ago, which is how I discovered achiote. So this is my contribution to the new version of your cookbook!"


1/2 Pkg Achiote paste (~1.5 oz)
2-3 Tbs warm broth, chicken or beef as needed
1/2 Chicken, in pieces
4-5 oz. goat cheese
1/4 cup chicken broth (only)
Spices to taste (fresh preferred): garlic, cilantro, parsley, black pepper parsley, black pepper


Mash achiote paste with broth into a medium thin paste (crumble with fingers to start). Coat chicken, pork, fish, etc. thoroughly with mixture. Place meat on grill or rotisserie and cool as you normally would.

Whisk all ingredients; heat only until a smooth mixture is achieved. Do not boil. When meat is cooked, pour sauce over it and serve. Can garnish with minced parsley and/or cilantro.

Note: Achiote stains -- so wear an apron or dark clothing, and clean counter spills quickly.

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