The production of La Perla Del Mayab Achiote began in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico where members of the Marrufo family sold "achiote" door-to-door to neighbors and friends throughout the town.

After arriving in the United States and following a few different jobs, The Marrufo family began the production of the family-owned recipe. They named it La Perla Del Mayab Achiote and business began in the garage of their home.

The door-to-door selling of their achiote began again, but this time with more success. And once the demand for their product increased greatly they decided it was time to rent a warehouse for manufacturing La Perla Del Mayab Achiote.

Over the years, production has grown to a modest size due to the hard work of The Marrufo family and their team of employees.

Thirty years ago, The Marrufo family would never have believed his family business would reach such success nearly three decades later.

Today it remains a family-run business insuring many more years of success. Now you can own The Marrufo family secret and a recipe book to go along.