Achiote, also known as “annatto seed paste” and “recado rojo” is a popular seasoning from the Yucatan and is also used in other parts of Mexico and Central America. Achiote is made of ground annatto seeds blended with other herbs and spices to create a distinctively delicious tangy flavor commonly found in dishes such as Cochinita Pibil. Achiote adds not only great flavors and aromas, but also gives your food a vibrant color.

Bistek - our newest spice is a great compliment to our line of spices. Bistek is a garlic, allspice and pepper blend seasoning used primarily on beef and fish. It adds a tangy pepper flavor and unlike Achiote will not add color to your food. Look for exciting recipes in our Del Mayab Cookbook or stayed tuned to our website for a new exciting recipes.